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The network is under construction, and will go live over the next few months.
Join the Bridging People Network
The network is all about peer-to-peer learning and exchange for researchers, aid & development practitioners, and trainers, as they work to improve the impact of their work at the local level.
Join the Bridging People Network
The network will initially be open to alumni of the Bridging Peoples online Academy, but may be opened to non-alumni in the future.

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Hello, because we are providing full hosting for our boards – we don’t serve it for unsecure protocols, such a HTTP.

Consider switching to HTTPS – for most admin panels it’s one click action.
Then reactivate plugin and thats it.

Another option is to connect peerboard as a subdomain for your blog, it can be found in hosting section of your board.

If you don’t have one yet – you can create it here

Will be happy to answer questions dropped to